Tobias Rose-Stockwell is the creator of multiple social ventures focusing on economic development and technology affecting social change. A designer by training, Tobias founded Human Translation in 2004, a nonprofit dedicated to translating awareness into humanitarian action. 

Over the course of 8 years, HT has developed regionally-intensive programs focused on the microeconomics of poverty alleviation, helping several thousand farmers in rural Cambodia double their agricultural income.

As a young leader in grassroots initiatives, Tobias worked to build the base of a replicable economic program which has helped villagers use improved incomes to purchase services in clean water, health care and literacy. For this work with the rural poor, Mr. Rose-Stockwell was recognized as an Unsung Hero by the 14th Dalai Llama in 2009. His work in Cambodia continues with funding from the UN and AusAid.

He has been active in developing large-scale technologies dedicated to improving transparency and information exchange in the social sector, and runs a design consultancy working with tech companies building world-changing products. He lives between New York City and the SF Bay Area.