Our belief is that an organization thrives when it understands itself. The two great things it must know are what it's services really do to make the world a much better place, and how to get those services to scale. These things constitute a spark - proof of why it should exist. We call this 'purpose'.

Purpose is an inherent competitive advantage for companies that understand it. It's the most important story it can tell, and defining it inspires great teams, builds great culture and opens secret doors. In short: Purpose helps create companies that matter.

What we do:

On Strategy

Mapping to the core of a mission. Visioning: Discovering what the world looks like when it is won by you. Building a brand with intention - and one that changes things for the better. Distilling why you exist into a hyper-concentrated point of light (or one sentence, if preferred). This is a way to get beyond "making money." toward building a brand that matters.

On Product

Focusing on the tightest metrics and key performance indicators that manifest your mission. Building and aligning your product with above point. Creating great design that references your message, always.

On Workforce

Establishing belief in the workplace. Sharing the Commanders Intent. Giving meaning to the work you do and letting people know how to love it. How to talk about it. How to live it.

On Connection

Meeting the people you need to meet to go big. Finding the crazy ones that can help you project you into markets and sectors that are otherwise obfuscated. Linking to the right cause if you need one, and promoting the right cause if you have one. Finding the secret path to the best people to put a shoulder behind your mission.

In brief we like to come into a company, find it's finest spark, and pour an accelerant all over it.


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